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Access your best videos with a bang. Rip through YouTube and other popular websites with our extremely fast video proxy. Whether you are at work, in high school, an Internet cafe, or your local university, our website unblocker tool will reliably get you to your destination seamlessly. Never get blocked out ever again! Free YouTube Proxy is at your service.

See the videos you want while at the same time protecting your Internet privacy. Your Operating System, IP address and favorite browser's information are for you to know, not others. Replace traceable information with anything you want and surf away anonymously.

When you use our web blocking release tool, any information collected by third parties is immediately replaced with our info, so you remain hidden. Our anonymous browsing feature allows several customizations found rarely elsewhere; you can even choose custom browser agent values and hide your own. Simply click 'Edit Browser' to change what we reveal as your browser user agent and/or referrer values. That's not even the end of it. You can disable JavaScript for added security. You can disallow Flash content for the same reason.

Not just limited to unblock YouTube, we can safely take you to other social networking sites - Twitter, Facebook [with JavaScript enabled], Bebo, Hi5, Friendster, Tagged, Nexopia, Hyves, Netlog and many more!

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Web filtering companies have years of research and spent lots of money on mechanisms to identify and block proxy websites. It's always handy to have a secret channel open for new working proxies. Join our free yahoo group and get fresh proxies emailed directly to your inbox.

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Fight Internet censorship with trusted, proven and simple web based unblocking service.
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